Victoria Borisova-Ollas

Chamber music

Year Title First performance/published by
2018 A Postscript to the Waltz for piano solo Hans Pålsson – Malmö 2018 (UE)
2013 Angelfield for piano solo UE/ABRSM
2010 Watch on youtube Djurgården Tales for two pianos Ivetta Irkha and Roland Pöntinen - Stockholm 2011 (UE)
2008 Breeze for violin solo Universal Edition sheet music
2006 Four Pieces for flute solo Universal Edition sheet music
2005 Seven Singing Butterflies for clarinet and string quartett Niklas Andersson and The New Stenhammar Quartet - Lund 2005 (UE)
2004 Secret Beauty of Waters for piano solo Eva Sidén - Finnish Church Stockholm 2005 (UE/Gehrmans)
2004 Listen to sample Serenade for Twins for piano solo Bengt Tribukait - Gothenburg 2005
2002 A Midnight Bell for piano solo Edward Liddall - London 2005 (UE/ABRSM)
2000 Listen to sample Silent Island for piano solo Thalia Myers - London 2001 (UE/ABRSM)
2000 Listen to sample Adoration of the Magi in the Snow for organ Bengt Tribukait - Gothenburg 2000
1999 "...ein schöner Winterabend in Sachsen" for violin and piano Duo Susanna Arminen & Marina Johansson - Stockholm 1999
1999 Listen to sample " Klosterhofe" for violoncello, piano and tape Duo Pia Segerstam & Christophe Sirodeau - Helsinki, 1999
1999 Listen to sample Behind the Shadows for viola, violoncello, contrabass and percussion KammarensembleN - Stockholm, 1998
1996 Hymn i sten for piano solo Marie Carlsson - Malmö, 1996
1995 Listen to sample Rainbow Hunt for flute, saxophono, guitar, percussion and tape Ars Nova - Malmö, 1996